Financial Focus Seminar in AmCham Kraków

Should we expect a sudden drop of GDP? Are we going to payer a higher taxes next year? These and other questions were addressed by the panelists invited to the Financial Focus Seminar organized by AmCham Kraków on June 25, 2009. The panelist included: Jerzy Brniak, president of BP Polska; Rafał Antczak, Deloitte; Tomasz Konik, Deloitte; Mariusz Andrzejewski, Kraków University of Economics. During the first part of seminar Tomasz Konik presented fiscal solutions applied by different governments in Europe and USA to counterbalance the negative effects of crisis. Presentation was followed by a lively discussion: „3Q 2009 – a breakthrough or continuation of increasing risk? Jerzy Brniak and Rafał Antczak agreed that it would be better for the government to refrain from any crisis fighting countermeasures than to take the wrong course of action. On the other hand Mariusz Andrzejewski stated that the government’s anti-crisis package was to introduce to late, that it should have been implemented in the fall of 2008. Both the panelists and the audience agreed that the meeting provided an opportunity for a fruitful discussion that should be organized on regular bases.
The Forum was generously sponsored by the Holiday Inn City Center Hotel, BP Polska and Lurgi.

Jerzy Brniak, President of BP Polska:

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