20 years of American investment in Poland

American Chamber of Commerce in Poland and KPMG have prepared a report summarizing the last twenty years of American investments in Poland.

Key findings

– U.S. companies are the largest foreign investor in the world.

– U.S. companies have invested over USD 20 billion in Poland.

– U.S. investment played a crucial role in the early stage of the economic transformation in Poland.

– American investors are more keen to invest in Poland than in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

– American companies employ over 180 thousand people in Poland.

– American automotive companies are employment leaders.

Compensation levels in U.S. companies in Poland are higher than average in the enterprise sector.

– The majority of U.S. companies were established in Poland in the first years of economic transition.

One in five U.S. companies in Poland is owned by a holding or subsidiary registered outside the USA.

– Skilled workforce and growth potential of the economy were the most important factors influencing investment destination choice.

– Poland’s strongest advantages, as seen by U.S. companies, include its geographical location, skilled workforce and the size of the local market.

– The lowest ratings were given to Poland with regard to its transportation infrastructure, bureaucracy and transparency of the tax system while corruption is not seen as major problem.

– American companies are highly satisfied with the outcome of their investment in Poland and intend to continue investing in the country.

– U.S. enterprises expect increased revenues and plan to increase employment.

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