AmCham Event in Muszyna

Withe the launch of a new Travel and Tourism Committee, AmCham Poland invited its members to leave offices and meeting rooms and spend some time  enjoying the beautiful and picturesque landscape of Beskidy Mountains in Muszyna. Red and yellow foliage, dark green pine trees, mountains and valleys welcomed the participants of this unusual venture together with the Mayors of Muszyna and Stara Lubovna – a Slovakian town almost bordering with Muszyna.

The event provided a great opportunity to get away from daily routine and spend some time in a different environment. A 4 star Klimek Hotel offered generous rates for AmCham members, who explored its spa center and cuisine as eagerly as the surrounding tourist attractions. A special word of appreciation must go to Mr. Ryszard Kruk of Enterprise Investors, who invited AmCham to Muszyna, took care of the logistics and whose warmth and hospitality made this trip and experience to remember.

Thanks to Ms. Jadwiga Kowalska of Hertz, AmCham staff was able to get to Muszyna from Warsaw in a spacious and comfortable rental Renault Traffic offered by Hertz to AmCham for the weekend for free.

See more photos at: AmCham Flickr Album  

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