News from AmCham Executive Director, Dorothy Dabrowski











Dear AmCham Members in Southern Poland,

Please find below a quick look at the highlights of our activities at
the moment.
1. The new AmCham Board has begun its two year term with Joseph Wancer
as chairman. The Board will have a strategy retreat in March to set some
goals for their term. No particular concerns for Amcham at the moment,
but a lot of opportunities to consider.
2. AmCham has partnered with the Birmingham International Center on
their Focus On Poland year-long program. In mid April they will have a
Business Summit in Birmingham, Alabama to discuss bilateral business
opportunities and to bring together Polish and US business from the
states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. This is a unique
opportunity to reach out to a new audience in the US with a message
about Poland. We are encouraging interested companies to plan to attend.
More info will follow soon by email.
3. Our committee work stays strong. The most active sector at the moment
is energy; equally shale, nuclear and renew ables. We have a new
manufacturing committee which spins off from our annual Manufacturing
Forums organized by AmCham Krakow, and also from the discussions in
AmCham Wroclaw about SEZ and related investor concerns.
4. We are looking to start an Education Committee, initiated by members,
to continue the premises set out in our 2012 Summit White Paper. AmCham
has already taken on education projects like internship initiatives,
surveys of employers expectations from graduates, and the AmCham Academy
project of AmCham Krakow. We are excited to have a committee to
coordinate the AmCham position on issues related to education and
business. More info to follow.
5. Finally, let me highlight AmCham commitment to reach out across
Poland. In the coming weeks we will organize an outreach to the Tri
cities where US investment has recently notably increased. This will be
an opportunity for current members to network with potential business
partners up north and also to share information and experiences about
doing business in Poland. If there is enough local interest then we
would be happy to establish a branch there.
6. AmCham is working together with the US embassy on several government
relations projects. We are excited about them and appreciative of the
Ambassador’s support.
Looking forward to seeing you at our events in Kraków and in Warsaw,

Dorothy Dabrowski
AmCham Executive Director

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