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OSAC Country Council Meeting

On April 13, 2011 AmCham Kraków hosted a meeting of OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council)
Eric Kriley
, the Security Officer at the U.S. Consulate General in Kraków presented OSAC – its vision, mission and basic premises and encouraged all participants to stay connected to get updates on all security threats across the globe.
Marek Suczyk, Kroll Ontrack Executive Director talked about basics of digital security, outlining most efficient countermeasures against viruses, hackers and other threats of the digital world.
Interesting presentations as well as experience of the speakers and their lively style of presenting kept the audience interested and stimulated an avalanche of questions in the discussion that followed.

OSAC Website

L to R: Marek Suczyk, Managing Director, Kroll Ontrack and Eric Kriley, Security Officer, U.S. Consulate General in Kraków

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OSAC Website

Independence Day Celebration in Kraków

Independence Day Celebration in Kraków.

John Lynch, AmCham Board Member and President of Lynka:

L to R: Monika Pilarska, AmCham Kraków Branch Director; John Lynch, AmCham Board Member and President of Lynka; Tomasz Szczerbina, Project Manager, AmCham

L to R: Isaac Pollak, President of LGP Gem Inc.; John Lynch, AmCham Board Member and President of Lynka; Rabbi Michael Schudrich

L to R: Allen S. Greenberg, U.S. Consul General in Kraków; Prof. Jacek Purchla, Director of International Cultural Centre in Kraków

L to R: Roma Ligocka, writer; Katarzyna Lynch, wife of John Lynch

An exhibition of works by Andreas Feininger, one of the most brilliant photographers of the 20th century.

20 years of American investment in Poland

American Chamber of Commerce in Poland and KPMG have prepared a report summarizing the last twenty years of American investments in Poland.

Key findings

– U.S. companies are the largest foreign investor in the world.

– U.S. companies have invested over USD 20 billion in Poland.

– U.S. investment played a crucial role in the early stage of the economic transformation in Poland.

– American investors are more keen to invest in Poland than in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

– American companies employ over 180 thousand people in Poland.

– American automotive companies are employment leaders.

Compensation levels in U.S. companies in Poland are higher than average in the enterprise sector.

– The majority of U.S. companies were established in Poland in the first years of economic transition.

One in five U.S. companies in Poland is owned by a holding or subsidiary registered outside the USA.

– Skilled workforce and growth potential of the economy were the most important factors influencing investment destination choice.

– Poland’s strongest advantages, as seen by U.S. companies, include its geographical location, skilled workforce and the size of the local market.

– The lowest ratings were given to Poland with regard to its transportation infrastructure, bureaucracy and transparency of the tax system while corruption is not seen as major problem.

– American companies are highly satisfied with the outcome of their investment in Poland and intend to continue investing in the country.

– U.S. enterprises expect increased revenues and plan to increase employment.

Visit KPMG website

Words from Richard Stallman

Censorship is more dangerous than whatever material people propose to
Once censorship get established, it tends to extend.  Poland
must not forget the danger of tyranny, and the censorship that
supports tyranny.  Poland struggled for many year to win freedom,
and must not surrender it now

AmCham Kraków IT Giants Conference with Guest Star Richard Stallman

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